“Ukraine. Food and History” was nominated for the Gourmand Awards

Launched in 1995, the award selects the best books on food and beverage culture around the world. The organisers note that the chance to get on the list of Gourmand Awards is only 1%.

The selection of the Gourmand Awards give an overview of the best around the world. In total, they estimate over 100.000 food and drink culture books and documents every year, in print or digital, free or paid, with or without ISBN. There is only one book per country in each category.

“Ukraine. Food and History” was nominated in the categories “Culinary History” and “Eastern Europe”. The book was published by the Ukrainian Institute together with Їzhakultura project. The publication presents Ukrainian cuisine as a cultural heritage and part of Ukraine’s intangible heritage.

The gastronomic culture of Ukraine is a phenomenon with history. It combines traditions, natural products, and regional peculiarities. At the same time, its culinary practices are dynamic. They vary in terms of the region, season, family traditions, or the development of restaurant culture. Ukraine has a lot to offer to the world. Ukraine shares culinary traditions with its neighbours, the Central and Eastern European countries. Yet, there is also something that forms a unique image of Ukrainian cuisine.

The book “UKRAINE. Food & History” tells about the past and present of Ukrainian cuisine. It includes recipes of dishes that everyone can cook and local products, which together present Ukraine’s cultural diversity and rich heritage. Learn from the book about the culinary traditions of Ukraine which are still alive nowadays, as well cooking techniques, and ways of product preservation. The authors pay special attention to the way Ukrainian cuisine is presented whether during a diplomatic reception or a family dinner. Since table setting, and decoration also create atmosphere of the event and guests’ experience.

The leading scholars and chefs took part in creation of the book.

The publication will be a great gift for foreigners, diplomats, and Ukrainians abroad. We hope that the book will be a good choice for everyone who wants to discover the gastronomic culture of Ukraine.

The publication is prepared in partnership with Їzhakultura is a research and educational project about food, history, society and culture. Їzhakultura studies the culinary traditions and contributes to the preservation of the gastronomic heritage of Ukraine.

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