Ukraine is preparing for the worst scenarios for Belarus’ participation in the war

With a high probability of sabotage and reconnaissance groups that can also speak Ukrainian can enter from Belarus

Ukraine is preparing for the worst-case scenarios for the participation of Belarus in the war against Ukraine.

First Deputy Interior Minister Yevgeny Yenin stated this in an interview with Telegraph.

According to him, even though Lukashenka has avoided even greater involvement in hostilities against Ukraine, the role of Belarus may become more active.

“Belarus is Russia’s little sister. The Belarusian authorities have already provided their territory for the transit of troops, rocket and artillery shelling, treatment of the wounded, and even removal of Russian loot. By all the laws of war, Belarus has long joined the military aggression. “But the role of Belarus can be even more active. In every possible way, the Belarusian dictator avoids a more active involvement in the Russian war against Ukraine. But we do not need to reassure ourselves that he will succeed indefinitely. We do not exclude that Russia can put the squeeze on Belarus, and that is why we should proceed of the worst scenarios,” Yenin said.

The deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that Ukrainian defenders continue to carry out engineering equipment for the defense of Kyiv and the Kyiv region and other regions adjacent to Belarus.

“We have maximally strengthened both the administrative and counterintelligence regime on the northern borders. And this is not only about a hundred additional checkpoints. Sometimes these are separate special military operations aimed at working out suspicious elements among the local population, searching for Russian military personnel who, by some miracle, remained on territories liberated from the invaders,” Yenin said.

He added that until now, even in the territories liberated from Russian occupiers, there are collaborators and potential supporters of the Russian government among the Ukrainian population.

According to Ukrainian and Western intelligence, sabotage and reconnaissance groups, which can also speak Ukrainian, are highly likely to come from Belarus, since they can be gathered among residents of the temporarily occupied territories in the east.

“They can have very diverse tasks – from analyzing transport routes and possible modeling directions for the advancement of heavy equipment to studying the level of equipment of our engineering structures, preparing sabotage, finding accomplices among the local population to preparing terrorist attacks on infrastructure facilities or near military units. They no longer they come in with Russian mobile cards,” Yenin said.

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