Ukraine must take responsibility for the Russian Federation

Ivan Stupak, an expert at the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, believes that Ukraine, at the end of the war with Russia, should take responsibility for the territory of the aggressor country. He spoke about this in an interview with TSN.

“Ukraine must take responsibility for this territory. I can’t say for the whole territory whether we will be able to rebuild ourselves and control the Russian Federation. The Europeans now do not assume what to do with this territory. Of course, they want a controlled collapse of the Russian Federation, controlled destruction. Association. Many videos on YouTube, especially in China, how high-rise buildings are being destroyed; they want to demolish, controlled detonation so that this high-rise building falls into a certain area, not somewhere else. So that control over conventional weapons remains: tanks, small arms, criminality and nuclear weapons,” Stupak said.

According to the expert, the United States is trying to avoid the possibility of Russia selling nuclear weapons to terrorist organizations.

“They want to avoid the story that happened in the 90s, when the regime collapsed, the new government is conditionally weak, the quality of emissaries from the Middle East come to the Russian Federation, terrorist organizations, a 20-liter suitcase is opened, and there is a lot of money, and they say: There are a large number of nuclear warheads in Russia, not just missiles, Iskanders, Kalibrs, but nuclear mines, nuclear projectiles with nuclear charges. The Soviet Union experimented with different explosions. The explosion should not be like in Hiroshima, let it be a quarter, but destroyed. Therefore, these guns can be bought. For Americans, it’s a nightmare that these guns could be somewhere in New York, so they want to control it,” he says.

The expert believes that under these conditions, Ukraine should take responsibility for controlling all processes in Russia.

“Ukraine must take responsibility for controlling this and planning what it will do. I see that this will be the board of directors of the Russian Federation. This board will include Ukraine with a decisive vote, since we have suffered Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Great Britain, USA. This is not a story that “now we will drum the Russian Federation”, we are not barbarians, but civilized people,” he stressed.

In case Russia fails to pay compensation to Ukraine for the damage caused, due to this, we will be able to use Russian oil and gas.

“The question of reparations, compensation for the harm caused to us. It is clear that some of the money has already been arrested, some will be given to us. But according to the most conservative estimates, 300 billion dollars will cost us restoration. Russia can say that we do not have that kind of money. Alternatively, we will receive gas and oil from the Russian Federation, taking gold and forming our own gold reserves. And Ukraine should control this process,” the expert says.

At the same time, the expert stressed that these relations with the Russian Federation will not be like the occupation authorities because Ukraine will not create preconditions for new wars.

“It will not be an occupying power, in any case, because we should not lay the foundation for the Fourth World War. Now, this is a world war, not a regional conflict. There are too many countries in this war, and this is the Third World War. We should not create a scenario as it was during the First and Second World Wars, the Germans were very offended, and decided to take revenge, this must be done so carefully that in the future Russia would have the same phantom pains as the Germans have now. Why don’t the Germans give us their tanks? One reason is phantom pains. They will shirk and try to avoid it. We must do the same,” he concluded.

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