Ukraine offered Lebanon to buy grain that was stolen by Russian invaders and transported on a Syrian ship

Ukraine offered Lebanon to buy stolen Ukrainian grain.

Recently, this country arrested a Syrian ship loaded with grain stolen by Russian invaders from Ukraine.

This was reported by the Embassy of Ukraine in Lebanon.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Lebanon stressed that the sale of stolen Ukrainian grain was agreed with its real owners. Ukraine offers Lebanon to buy grain at low prices.

In agreement with the owners of products in Ukraine on board of “Laodicea”, as well as to avoid damage to the looted grain and store it in Lebanon, the Embassy of Ukraine submitted an offer to the Lebanese government to purchase the above-mentioned goods at the following prices: wheat flour $350 per ton, barley $180 per ton.

Embassy of Ukraine in Lebanon
  • Recall that on July 27, a Syrian ship entered Lebanon, in the port of Tripoli, loaded with barley, exported from the occupied territories of Ukraine. This country has arrested the ship to determine the origin of the grain.

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