Ukraine reaches the highest GDP ever

In 2021, Ukraine achieved the highest GDP in its entire 30-year history. The Minister of Economy Yulia Sviridenko announced this.

At the moment, it is estimated that it reaches $195 billion. Next year, the government plans to achieve high growth rates of the gross domestic product thanks to the launch of a number of programmes. Note that growth rates slowed down in 2021.

Programmes for GDP growth are:

  • thermal modernization of residential buildings,
  • comprehensive rehabilitation of irrigation systems in the South,
  • massive cheap mortgage lending,
  • active financing of exporters.
Yulia Sviridenko

Yulia Sviridenko, together with Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov and Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba held an online meeting with representatives of the largest international investment companies and funds investing in Ukraine. The topic of the conversation was devoted to the stability of the economy and the resilience of Ukraine to external threats.

Our goal is to ensure the constancy of the main indicators: GDP growth, increase in gold and foreign exchange reserves, and containment of inflation within acceptable limits. We strive to bring the business climate in Ukraine to the best world standards.

The maximum value of Ukraine’s GDP was in 2013 – $ 183 billion.