Ukrainian app Obimy won first place in one of Apple’s App Store

The Ukrainian app Obimy took first place in the Lifestyle category in Apple’s App Store. Artem Borodatyuk, the founder of Netpeak Group, drew attention to this.

1st Place Lifestyle, U.S. App Store. Just think, for several days now it has been more popular than such giants as: Tinder, Pinterest, Discord, Zoom.

Artem Borodatyuk

Obimy is a social network that doesn’t have the usual messaging. Instead, you share emotions and feelings. For example, in Obimy, you can virtually hug someone, kiss or get a massage. Also, the application lacks different gestures.

Obimy is the first one to focus solely on mental wealth and emotional connection. other messengers are annoying and dividing people, so we increasingly want to turn off notifications and turn on airplane mode.

Obimy was created by the Kyiv company Empat, headed by Zhenya Zasutsky. They specialize in mobile and web development. World giants like Porsche and Panasonic collaborated with Empat.

As Zhenya noted, he created Obimy to stop arguing with his wife. This is how the idea of ​​an application where you can track other people’s emotions was born. Obimy cost about $50,000. To get started, Zasutsky used his own savings.

The first version of the application was created in nine months. Then there was no possibility of an “exchange of mood”. His wife again prompted the idea for Zhenya.

As a result, it turned out that emoticons-emotions very much unite people. Hence the huge popularity of Obimy.

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