Ukrainian architects have designed a temporary school for migrants

All images: ZIKZAK architects

Ukrainian studio ZIKZAK Architects have developed a project of a temporary modular school for migrants. The REVIVAL concept allows you to quickly “build” a primary school for 176 students.

Recognizing the importance of speed of recovery, we have developed a concept based on the experience of other countries, which will significantly accelerate the reconstruction of infrastructure. We are talking about multifunctional modular buildings.

The modular block represents a collapsible design from a metal framework. In simple terms, it looks like a constructor that can be quickly built into, for example, a primary school with 176 students, and by adding a few more blocks (rooms) you can accommodate up to 500 students.

Alternatively, the architects offer to “rebuild” the school into modular housing for four people, a house for one family or a three-story apartment building. Modular buildings can also be converted into medical facility.

The project was worked on by: Mariia Ternova, Tatiana Zykh, Nick Zykh, Vlad Gavrilov, Artem Tokma, Victoria Komissarova, Ira Shundik, Katya Kozhukhina, Sasha Marchuk.

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