Ukrainian Border Service statistics: more people incoming to Ukraine than leaving

The flow to enter Ukraine through its western border for the week from July 30 to August 5 amounted to about 304 thousand, while to exit – about 283 thousand, compared to last week, both indicators increased by 8%, as reported by the State Border Service of Ukraine.

As a result, net inflows into the country increased to about 21,000 from about 19,000 a week ago, according to its data.

The number of cars passing through the border increased by 9% to about 130,000 in a week, while the number of vehicles with humanitarian cargo cleared by 4% to 447.

Such data is confirmed by the Polish border service. According to her, from July 30 to August 5, 167 thousand entered Poland from Ukraine (a week earlier – 162 thousand), while from Poland to Ukraine – 191 thousand (173 thousand).

In general, since the beginning of the war, 5.297 million have arrived in Poland from Ukraine, while in the opposite direction – 3.409 million.

According to the State Border Service, the flow to enter Ukraine is more than the flow to exit on Saturday-Tuesday, while in the opposite direction – on Wednesday-Thursday.

As reported, since May 10, the flow to enter Ukraine through its western border has steadily exceeded the flow to exit for almost a month. Net inflow during this time amounted to 188 thousand. In the following weeks, there was no such unambiguous trend, and net inflow over the next two months decreased to 81 thousand.

According to UNHCR data, as of August 2, a total of 10.35 million people have left Ukraine since the beginning of the war (excluding entry flow), of which 5.106 million went to Poland, 1.968 million to Russia, 1.089 million to Hungary, 964 to Romania, 9 thousand, Slovakia – 648.5 thousand, Moldova – 557.2 thousand, Belarus – 16.7 thousand.

At the same time, according to the UN, from February 28 to August 2 July, 4.272 million people entered Ukraine (excluding data from Hungary, Russian Federation and Belarus).

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