Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers has allocated new grants to small business

The Cabinet of Ministers has allocated new grants to small businesses totaling 400.5 million UAH, of which about 164.7 million UAH for the creation or development of gardens, berry growing, viticulture and greenhouse farming, as reported by the website of the Ministry of Economy.

Today the government has allocated additional funds for the development of small businesses in agriculture, construction, transport, education, science, etc. This support involves the creation of more than 2 thousand jobs.

Yulia Sviridenko, Economy Minister of Ukraine

According to the ministry, 92.83 million UAH will be used for horticulture, viticulture and berry growing, 71.9 million UAH – for the creation or development of greenhouses, and 204.4 million UAH of grant funds will be provided for the establishment or development of their own business.

In addition, 62.5 mln UAH of the allocated amount of grant funds will be given to entrepreneurs in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, processing industry, water supply, construction, transport, scientific and technical activities, education, health, art and sports.

As it was reported, eRabota project includes six grant programs aimed at stimulating entrepreneurial activity. These are, in particular, programs of micro grants for starting or developing one’s own business, grants for creating and developing processing enterprises, establishing orchards and vineyards, greenhouse farming, support for IT start-ups and start-ups in IT sphere.

Both current entrepreneurs and people with no business experience can apply for a grant. Applications are accepted through the Diya Portal.

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