Ukrainian Cinema in 2019: Top Ukrainian Films You Should Know About

In the evening of May 3, the Golden Dzyga 2020 Award Ceremony was held in Ukraine.

The broadcast was conducted by the press service of the project. 88 full-length and short films were submitted for participation in the film award. The winners were announced by Timur Miroshnichenko and Daria Tregubova. The leader in the number of awards was “My thoughts are silent” – they received four statuettes. The films “Volcano” by Roman Bondarchuk and “Zakhar Berkut” by Akhtem Seitablaev have three awards each.

List of winners:

  • Best Movie: “My Thoughts are Silent” by Antonio Lukic;
  • Best Director: Nariman Aliyev, “Home” ;
  • Best Actress: Irma Vitovskaya, “My Thoughts are Silent”;
  • Best Actor: Akhtem Seitablaev, “Home”;
  • Best Supporting Actress: Natalia Sumskaya, “Black Raven”;
  • Best Supporting Actor: Victor Zhdanov, “Volcano”;
  • Best Scenario: “My thoughts are quiet”;
  • Best Documentary: “Singing Ivano-Frankivskteplocommunenergo” by Nadi Parfan;
  • Best Short animation: “Love” by Nikita Lyskova;
  • Best Short Feature Film: “In Our Synagogue” by Ivan Orlen;
  • Best Editing: “Foxster & Max”;
  • Best Sound: “Volcano”;
  • Best Cinematography: “Volcano”;
  • Best Costume Design: “Zakhar Berkut”;
  • Best Makeup: “Zakhar Berkut”;
  • Best visual effects: “Foxster & Max” ;
  • Best Music: Timur Polyanski and Dakh Daughters, “Hutsulka Ksenia”;
  • Best Song: “Mavka” by Dakh Daughters, “Hutsulka Ksenia”.
Poster “Kruty 1918”
 A scene from “Volcano”
 A scene from “Zakhar Berkut”

The audience’s prize was given to the movie “Kruty 1918”. The opening of the year was named Antonio Lukic. Ada Rogovtseva received the prize for her contribution to the cinema.