Ukrainian company sells sublimated berries on Amazon

Sublimed berry powders from the Ahimsa brand are sold in the largest American retail market Amazon.

Our company DVIPA has been working in the organic sector for 16 years. We have 150 hectares of our land, where we grow grains and berries. The main cereals are spelled and amaranth; in addition, we grow rye, wheat, in 2021 also planted peas and buckwheat.

Anton Romanov, CEO of TM Ahimsa

Ahimsa Farm is located in the ecologically pure zone of Chernechchyna village, Dnipro region, a natural reserve of Ukraine on the bank of one of the cleanest rivers of Europe: Orel. There is no factory or plant within a distance of bee flight.

Ahimsa from Sanskrit language means non-violence. All the products are grown by a community of people, who are based their lives and relationships on that principle: don’t harm the surrounding environment, support each other, friendship and love.

No the company have:

  • 40 hectares berry field (Strawberry and Raspberry) 
  • 100 hectars of Amaranth, Spelt, Wheat, Rye and Corn
  • 5 qualified specialist, who are practicing Ahimsa lifestyle and bring love and care to our plants;
  • more than 40 peoples, who are live together, work on fields with love and care;
  • 9 cows and bulls which are bringing minimum 60 liters of milk every day;
  • Trade mark ™Ahimsa;

Up to 30% of harvested berries are sublimated and sold for export.

Few of company’s headliner products are already on the biggest US retail marketplace amazon.com: Freeze Dried Strawberry Powder, Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder, Freeze Dried Wild Berry Powder. It is made of 100% organic berries with no preservatives, emulsifiers, conservatives. It is mainly used in healthy smoothies, yogurt breakfast and baking and can be stored upto 5 years in a sealed package.

All products are available for export in a bulk quantity to the EU and US.

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