Ukrainian Delfast presented a new ebike

Photo: eu.delfastbikes.com

The Ukrainian company Delfast presented a new model of an electric bike. According to the manufacturer’s website, the vehicle can travel 160 kilometers on a single charge.

An electric bike can reach a speed of up to 45 kilometers per hour. It will take four hours to fully charge. The bike has a 750 W engine and weighs 30 kilograms.

The vehicle has a removable Samsung battery and does not require a key. Unlocks and starts with a mobile app and password. Thanks to a special application, you can also track the bike’s location, immobilize the vehicle, block and unblock Bluetooth, and set up an alarm.

Delfast California is currently in the pre-launch stage. The starting price of the bike for pre-orders is 1999 dollars.

“We built a new bike in record time: just six months. It was developed literally during the war, we did it simultaneously in Ukraine and in California: in Chernivtsi, we made the frame, in Dnipro we created the electronics, in Kyiv, we developed the software, and in Los Angeles we assembled the whole bike,” wrote the Delfast CEO Daniel Tonkopi.

The electric bike can be purchased in white, black, red, yellow and blue colors.

The company first started working in Ukraine as a delivery service and immediately decided to focus on ecological transport, but faced the fact that an ordinary electric bicycle can travel no more than 30-40 kilometers on a single charge. Therefore, they decided to create their own electric bike. In the end, they developed a model that can travel more than 500 kilometers on a single charge, which is a record distance for this type of transport.

In 2017, they ran a Kickstarter fundraising campaign and started production in China. Sales were also initially aimed at foreign customers, since the bike costs four to five thousand dollars.

Delfast is donating 5% of all sales to support Ukraine.

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