Ukrainian doctors will receive 10,000 laptops from the French Government

Our doctors save the lives of hundreds of Ukrainians — both civilians and military — under shelling every day. Therefore, for their full-fledged work, providing each doctor with high-speed Internet and a personal computer is extremely important.

Even before the start of the war, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine formed an important goal for itself — to provide hospitals with access to all the latest technologies. In particular, to ensure that every doctor has his own personal computer, high-speed Internet, and therefore more opportunities to provide high-quality and affordable medical services.

With the assistance of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Ministry of Digitization, Ukrainian doctors will receive 10,000 laptops. The equipment was purchased by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance, Industrial and Digital Sovereignty at the request of the Ukrainian authorities. Thanks to technology, the daily work of doctors will become even more efficient and easier to communicate with patients online.

Modern functional devices are already on their way to the healthcare institutions of Ukraine.

Laptops are distributed to communal healthcare institutions of all regions, in proportion to the necessary needs, as well as to national-level institutions and departmental institutions coordinated by the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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