Ukrainian food company exports vegetable and butter mixed products to Morocco

Terra Food group was the first in Ukraine to start supplying vegetable and cream mixtures to Morocco, 25 tonnes of the Gold Valley and 100 COWS brand products have already been shipped.

According to the data of the company, Terra Food in 2020 took the leading place in the export of vegetable and cream mixtures with a market share of 37%, while it covers 12.4% of the export of Ukrainian dairy products.

Entering a new export market is always a victory for Terra Food, because it is painstaking work related to the legal, economic and cultural characteristics of a new country. We carefully studied all the preferences of consumers of the new market and proposed a recipe that best meets the expectations of Moroccans.

Maksym Voitovych, Export Director of Terra Food

According to the manager, earlier Ukrainian producers exported only butter to Morocco.

Vegetable-butter mixture is an alternative food product to butter, for the manufacture of which butter is mixed with vegetable oil and, using the transesterification process, is converted into a solid consistency. The use of this process allows avoiding the formation of a large number of transfat.

Terra Food is a large milk processor and dairy producer in Ukraine. It is part of the Terra Food group of companies, a vertically oriented agro-industrial holding specializing in production of meat, dairy products and agriculture.