Ukrainian game developer RinGames is now part of the Lithuanian Nordcurrent

The Ukrainian mobile games studio RinGames based in Dnipro joined the company NordCurrent. In 2018, the Lithuanian developer also acquired the Odessa company Blam! Game Studio.

Nordcurrent is a developer and publisher of casual games for smartphones, tablets and PC/Mac, established in 2002 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Headquartered in Lithuania, Nordcurrent has two development studios in Vilnius and Odessa (Ukraine). During the last 19 years, Nordcurrent has developed more than 50 games for various platforms.

The Dnipro company has been cooperating with a Lithuanian game developer for eight years and has created graphic designs for such Nordcurrent games. The studio’s biggest hit so far is Cooking Fever – a time-management game where players can cook meals and desserts from all over the world. The game has almost 400 million downloads and 15 million monthly active users.

Other recent Nordcurrent games include the multiplayer mobile shooter Sniper Arena and the interactive crime novel Murder in the Alps, and the newest time-management game in the sky – Airplane Chefs, and game for setting fashion trends – Pocket Styler. Currently, the company has more than a dozen new titles in development.

Today, RinGames is working on a new time management game, Happy Clinic. It is currently being tested in different foreign countries, and the global launch of the game is scheduled for 2022. at the end of January, according to an Integrity press release.

Joining the Nordcurrent Group paves the way for us to grow at a much faster rate. Until that time, RinGames was known as the strongest design team in Ukraine, and within Nordcurrent we will be able to expand our competencies and use them to create world-class mobile games

Tatyana Margolina, head of RinGames and Nordcurrent Dnipro

This acquisition is a planned and regular development of ours. We value our reliable partners from the Dnipro and are glad that they have joined the Nordcurrent family. RinGames is a perfect match for Nordcurrent’s values, culture and energy. This is very important in building a successful international gaming company. We believe that in the future, we will expand even more in Ukraine

Victoria Trofimova, CEO of Nordcurrent

The companies are currently working together on a time management game called RinGames, which is already being tested abroad. The release of the new game is scheduled for late January 2022. Now the RinGames team has 28 developers (mostly artists and graphic designers), but next year they plan to expand the team to 100 people.

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