Ukrainian Navy conducted joint manoeuvre with British patrol ship

Joint exercises of the PASSEX type were conducted in the Northwestern part of the Black Sea by a ship-and-boat tactical group of the Ukrainian Navy with a patrol ship of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom HMS Trent P224.

The purpose of the training was to maintain security in the Black Sea region, improve the skills and compatibility of the crews of the ships of the two countries in accordance with NATO standards. In addition to surface combat units, a Mi-14 helicopter from a separate naval aviation brigade of the Naval Forces of Ukraine was involved in the exercises.

The two-day maneuvers took place in several stages. In particular, the ship-and-boat group worked out manoeuvering in formation and orders, organising air defense, countering attacks by high-speed small-sized floating craft of a simulated enemy, setting up a smoke screen, and so on.

In addition, during the sea passage, the personnel conducted ship exercises on the transfer of goods by water and traverse, conducting reconnaissance, highlighting the maritime situation in areas of intensive civil navigation. A training search and rescue operation was also carried out.

Communication between the crews was carried out exclusively in English in accordance with the international signaling system MTP.

Ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet watched from distance the course of the PASSEX-class trainings.