Ukrainian theatre online: “Family Album/Album di Famiglia”

The Left Bank Theater officially opened on December 21st, 1990. Today it boasts a repertoire of more than 50 performances, a strong roster of premieres, a vibrant troupe of the country’s greatest actors and great plans for the future. As of July 2019, Stas Zhirkov is the theater’s artistic director, with Tamara Trunova as chief director.

This physical theater performance by Italian director Matteo Spiazzi tells a story of family time in the 90s. The viewer looks back on the life of three generations of one family in a production that fantastically conveys the idea of misunderstanding among us and the inability to accept otherness, through a variety of models of behavior and norms. Actors play in stylized masks of contemporary “commedia dell’arte” without uttering a single word, which does not prevent them from fully and vividly expressing themselves.

“Family Album/Album di Famiglia”

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