Ukrainian theatre online: “Giselle”

The Kyiv Modern Ballet is the leading contemporary ballet company in Ukraine. The theater was conceived as an author’s theater, with its repertoire and artistic priorities being defined by award-winning director-choreographer Radu Poklitaru. The theater is focused on the formation of a creative laboratory of contemporary dance, in the form of experimentation, original readings of universally known theatrical themes, and a renewal of the vocabulary of contemporary dance. The Kyiv Modern Ballet has been staging Ukrainian contemporary ballet all around the world, its tours spanning from Portugal to South Korea.

“Giselle” by Radu Poclitaru is a stylish combination of bright costumes, original sets, the artistry of high-class dancers and unique directorial techniques. In this contemporary version of the classical ballet, the country’s leading ballet master showed all his love for the debut show. In his interpretation, Giselle is the infant child of the contemporary megalopolis. Like her classical prototype, she dreams of a truly great love. And even though the story ends tragically, the viewer believes in the strength of the human spirit that sustains us in the hardest times.


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