Ukrainian theatre online: “My Relatives and Other Scum”

Lesia Ukrainka Drama Theater is located in the building of the former Catholic House (1909). In 1954, the building was passed to a troupe of the Russian drama theater that was relocated from Odessa to Lviv. Nowadays, the repertoire of the theater includes many interesting innovative and experimental plays.

The family saga titled “Mother of Bitterness” by Lena Lajushonkova tells a story about people who have been offered the short end of the stick in life. This innocent and transparent story of Dianka taking place during the Soviet and post-Soviet era describes difficult years of bullying by her classmates due to her financial position, her poor reputation as a Greek, and her troubled son, addicted to alcohol, drugs and theft. “A good moment to rethink about who we are, to make a list of our «sorrows»” (Zbrucz).

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