Ukrainian theatre online: “VINO”

The Left Bank Theater officially opened on December 21st, 1990. Today it boasts a repertoire of more than 50 performances, a strong roster of premieres, a vibrant troupe of the country’s greatest actors and great plans for the future. As of July 2019, Stas Zhirkov is the theater’s artistic director, with Tamara Trunova as chief director.

A bestselling performance from The Left Bank Theater. Director Evžen Korniag is a prominent face of Belarusian experimental theater and his work has been influenced by legendary dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch. This distinctive visual production tackles the theme of alcoholism and loneliness, using movement, body language, rhythm and music to express what remains hidden between the lines. There is no room for words on stage, as symbolic images reflect familiar, painful and disturbing archetypes and stereotypes. Suitable for viewers aged 16 and above.