Ukrainian managers created Remo, startup with high-tech offices for remote work

Ex-CEO of SHERP Kievan Iaroslav Prygara, and the Managing Partner at Diligent Capital and member of the Supervisory Board of Kyivstar Odessan Dan Pasko launched a startup for remote workers Remo that provides high-tech working spaces in the best places around the world. By the materials of BZH.

The project has already attracted over $1.5 million in investment.

We believe remote work is no longer the future. It’s already here, but it’s been missing something. It’s missing balance. Traditional offices provide structure, but they don’t compare to the comfort you feel at home. Working at home can feel relaxing, but it can also feel distracting. So what’s the solution? Providing high-tech working spaces in the best places around the world for remote workers – that’s our mission.


According to the project team, Remo workspaces provide an opportunity to work from anywhere in the world in comfortable conditions.

Iaroslav has over 14 years of experience successfully developing businesses for B2B and B2C markets. For two years, Iaroslav worked as CEO of SHERP. In addition, for 10 years the CEO of Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, Ducati and Jeep in 7 countries.
Dan earned its MBA from Harvard Business School and has ten years of experience in PE investing. He’s also served as a member of several Supervisory Boards for some of the largest Eastern European companies like Kyivstar, Nova Poshta, Miratech, Preply, Allseeds, and more.

Founder’s Message

“Iaroslav have spent half of his time in the last 12 years in airplanes and hotels and have experienced the importance of a productive workspace when you are away from the traditional office. During one of these trips to Mexico, Iaroslav stayed to work in one of the hotels for one week, then he stayed for another and another, because he felt how his efficiency and the quality of my life increased when working remotely.

While working in Bali, Den came up with the idea of integrating such an ideal office space into the hotel infrastructure.

We known each other for many years both as friends and professionals. And during one of our meetings when we both came back to Kyiv after another business trip, we have decided to found NOFFICE – an ideal workspace wherever you are.”

Technically, Remo is a glass mirror cube with an area of ​​up to 20 meters. It consists of two zones – for work and leisure. An ergonomic table, chair, bookshelves were placed in the working corner, and a minibar, a coffee machine and armchairs were placed in the recreation area.

The first Remo workspaces will be located in Equides club suburban complex near Kiev. Now the cubes are on their way from Estonia to the Ukrainian capital.

The priority markets for the startup are the US and Mexico. In the second quarter of 2022, the first hotel for work and leisure from Remo is planned to open in Tulum.

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