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Main Culture — Ukraininans at Milan Design Week 2022 - 7-12.06.2022 


Ukraininans at Milan Design Week 2022 - 7-12.06.2022 

07 Jun, 2022
Ukraininans at Milan Design Week 2022 - 7-12.06.2022 

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June 7-June 12 at Milan Fabbrica del Vapore, you’ll be able to see Ukrainian objects on the three trajectory parts of the exposition LIFE LINE___________Life stories of Ukrainian creators - Creativity. Defiance (Resistance). Freedom 

Main image: Yakush design glass

Participants: Alexander Bosenko, Alina Kravchuk, Anna Manako, Andrii Rudenko, Arkadiy Vartanov, Artem Zakharchenko-Halytskyi,Beata Korn, Dmytro Kozinenko, Dmytro Slinkov, Fedir Vozianov, Jaroslaw Belinski, Кateryna Sokolova, Leonid Spivakov, Leonora Yanko, Nikita Gudzovsky, Maria Yakush, Oksana Levchenya (Konstantinovska), Tasha Oro, Vadim Livshyts, Valeria Vari, Victoriya Yakusha, Vitalii Kyryliv, Yurii Kyryliv, Yuriy Ryntovt, Anastasiia Biletska.

The exhibition will present physical objects of design and art; participants ‘video addresses with creators’ life stories framed in the labyrinth of fight, despondency and hope; and real photos of the Russian war in Ukraine. 

LIFE LINE___________Life stories of Ukrainian creators 

Creativity. Defiance (Resistance). Freedom 

Creativity This part of the exposition will display the design objects of the joint brand of Kateryna Sokolova and Arkadiy Vartanov (noom), ceramic art by Beata Korn and Leonora Yanko, a hand-woven art rug by Oksana Levchenya (Konstantynovska) OLK Manufactory, object Organic Collection by RD.Furniture and Ryntovt design, conceptual design from collaboration of Fedir Vozianov and Anna Manako (one pattern), delicate design by Valeria Vari (conferma), glass objects by Mariia Yakush. 

Defiance (Resistance): Includes: the author’s copy of Nikita Gudzovsky’s work “LaBiRiNth, concept PANCERNYK-simple adaptive solution which is called to save the lives of both civilians and military in unarmored vehicles- the design of the Kyryliv brothers-Vitaliy and Yuriy (Hochu Rayu design bureau), Life design by Viktoriya Yakusha and FAINA and sacral upcycled object by Tasha Oro. Also, here are included real life chronicles and photo reports from the destroyed furniture plant owned by Leonid Spivakov in the village Horenka, Kyiv region.   

Freedom. Ceramic mirrors by Anna Manako (Manako Design), unstoppable design by Andrii Rudenko- cabinet Break Free Collection (Panoptikum Collections), marble panel by Alexander Bosenko and Vadym Livshitz and Alina Kravchuk team (llab.design), objects by Artem Zakharchenko-Halytskyi (Svitanok), text by Anastasiia Biletska. 

Project graphic style- Jaroslaw Belinski

llab.design Wall panel VIYALO _ Wind Power 3

Project supported by Embassy of Ukraine in Italy, Consulate General of Ukraine in Milan, Associazione MILANO MAKERS, Associazione DESIGN4UKRAINE

Curator  - Anastasiia Biletska (Maino Design Ukraine, DESIGN4UKRAINE)

Organisers - Anna Manako (Manako Design) and Valeria Vari (Design Market) 

Now we do know- the Life Line can take an unexpected trajectory; however, it is its continuation that matters to us. 

Anastasiia Biletska

More about the project idea from the curator: 

"February 24, 2022 – the day of all-out war invasion of Russia into Ukraine. It started the “fastest marathon” of redefining life values on a whole European country scale. The life of every conscious Ukrainian was divided into “before” and “after”.

by Gudzovsky
Flight Shadows
cupboard ESTRAGON

Some people joined Armed Forces of Ukraine and territorial defence. Others rushed to volunteer in assistance with finding and purchasing military equipment, bulletproof vests, helmets, thermal imagers, reconnaissance drones, technical devices, sniper optics, and other most necessary things which Ukrainian Armed Forces experienced a catastrophic shortage on the first days of the war. The others started raising humanitarian donations all over the world to help families who had to abandon their homes and left for “nowhere”. Cultural forces of Ukraine contributed to the war on the information front.  

Bandura vases FAINA

Every Ukrainian lost something in this war. Thousands of people left their homes, families and close ones….they lost themselves for moments or months….their dreams forever…it seemed forever. Yet, each of us has gained something—hatred or clarity, undecidedness or sacred fury, despondency or hope.

We called out project Life Line; this line looks now like an awful labyrinth for all Ukrainians- the line impossible to believe it can exist in the centre of the European continent in 2022. The work “LaBIRynTh” from the series “Coursebook for Adults” by a young Kyiv artist Nikita Gudzovsky inspired visual identity of the project. This work depicts the trajectory of the russian warship “moskva” which came to destroy the right of the free to choose their future. 

Panoptikum Collections Bedside table 3
Panoptikum Collections Bedside table 4

Twenty-four participants- graphic, industrial, and interior designers, ceramists, furniture designers, artists, a fashion designer, and a journalist- contributed to the project. All of them are creators. Each of them fights for Life with their aspiration for Freedom and their Defiance.

Everyone adds their own priceless Light showing the way out of the horrible labyrinth of pain and fight brought by the Russian war in Ukraine. Everyone is creating Light Future of their Motherland with their work and faith."

Korn Beata From the cycle «Miniature of Three Moves» 2018-2022_ majolica,glaze,wood

Maino Design

Maino Design

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