Ukrposhta announced the sale of the extreme postage stamp in 2022 – “Shchedryk. Carol of the Bells”

“Ukrposhta” announced the sale of the last postage stamp in 2022 – “Shchedryk. Carol of the Bells”. The sale starts on December 23 in all Ukrposhta branches and in the official online store.

“The dedication of the postal issue is special – just imagine, exactly 100 years ago, “Shchedryk” by Mykola Leontovich was played for the first time on the stage at Carnegie Hall in New York. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine Christmas holidays without this song – it is sung in most languages ​​of the world!” – the company says.

The author of the stamp sketch is Mykola Kochubey, an Honored Artist of Ukraine.

The circulation of the stamp is 200,000 copies. The face value of each stamp is W (equivalent to $1.5, corresponding to the tariff for sending a non-priority simple letter by land transport up to 50 g to foreign countries).

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