Ukrposhta launches sale of new stamps “Good evening, we are from Ukraine!”

Starting tomorrow, July 28, the sale of postage stamps “Good evening, we are from Ukraine!” begins.

This was announced by the General Director of “Ukrposhta” Igor Smelyansky.

He noted that each Ukrainian brand is like “a good slap in the face of Russian under-ambitions.”

Tomorrow we are launching the “Good evening, we are from Ukraine” stamp (plus envelopes and postcards). We slightly improved the design, which more than 300 thousand Ukrainians voted, and now it is super modern.

Igor Smelyansky

He assured that the stamp would be available tomorrow morning in almost all branches of the country, including rural ones.

He also added that the stamps can be purchased online – in stores, on Amazon, and EBay.

Smelyansky noted that the sale in one hand, will be carried out with certain restrictions on the number of sheets with stamps.

In particular, no more than two sheets of stamps of each denomination (2+2); envelopes on the first day – 2; envelopes – 10; postcards – 10.

There will definitely be a solemn redemption. And it will be cool and unique. But due to security measures, given the especially vulnerable feelings of our enemies towards Ukrainian philately, I will not announce the location ahead of time. However, I am sure that, as always, we will see many Kyivans

Igor Smelyansky

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