Ukrzaliznytsya plans to build a high-speed railway Kyiv-Odessa

“Ukrzaliznytsya” plans to build a railway with a speed of up to 350 km/h between Kyiv, L’viv, Kharkov and Odessa.

A new high-speed railway service with trains, which will accelerate to 300-350 km / h, is planned to be built on the routes Kyiv – L’viv, Kyiv – Kharkov and Kyiv – Odessa.

This was stated by the Head of the board of Ukrzaliznytsia Volodymyr Zhmak, noting that foreign investments are needed to implement the project.

First of all, in his opinion, railway stations in large cities, which can be turned into large shopping centers, should go into concession.

Now we are talking about seven stations, perhaps L’viv will also join…
For passengers and for “Ukrzaliznytsia” at the station, you need a track, a waiting room and two offices for ticket sales. Everything else will be a shopping center. We want to make the stations according to the European model, when up to 60% of the visitors to the stations are not passengers, but come there as in a shopping center.

Volodymyr Zhmak, Head of the Board of Ukrzaliznytsia

It is worth reminding that recently the South Korean corporation Hyundai offered to finance the construction of a high-speed railway network in Ukraine. The project provides for the construction of more than two thousand kilometers of track and the purchase of 39 units of rolling stock.

Earlier, Hyundai delivered ten high-speed trains to Ukraine in 2012. The main problem in their operation was the old rails, which limited the speed of trains, moreover, trains on them periodically broke down.

Source: Dumskaya.net