Ultimatum to Snake (Zmiinyi) Island

The Russian naval forces approached the Snake (Zmeiiniy) Island: Ukrainian border guards took up defense

Two warships without flags threaten the border guards who are stationed on Zmeiny Island.

This was reported in the press center of the State Border Service.

The text of the Ultimatum

“You are in complete isolation, in the zone of destruction of weapons. If you resist, you will be destroyed. The chances of survival are zero. Think about your children, loved ones who need you. Who love you and are waiting for you at home alive. This will end soon and you will continue your usual life. Make the right decision – stay alive. To do this, it is enough to inform via communication channels, on channel 16, about the intention to cooperate, stop the operation of the radar and communications equipment, line up and lay down your arms, and act in accordance with further instructions.”

The border guards took up defense … The invaders threateningly demand that the servicemen of the Izmail border detachment surrender. The aggressor used the international communication channel for the safety of navigation.

State Border Service

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