UNESCO will support the digitization of culture in Ukraine

Since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the digital transformation of culture has taken on a new meaning. Information and communication components of digitization have become important resistance elements to the occupiers. Among the main directions that the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy is currently working on:

  • the digital transformation itself, which aims to re-engineer existing algorithms and services, in particular, changing the procedure for keeping records of cultural values ​​and heritage from paper to electronic;
  • direct digitization of existing exhibits and objects in museums, as well as all cultural values;
  • digital online projects, for example, online museums or information portals.

This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Policy Anastasia Bondar during a meeting with the delegation of the UNESCO Secretariat.

The representatives of UNESCO supported the aspirations of the Ukrainian side in the implementation of projects aimed at identifying and documenting war crimes against the cultural heritage of Ukraine, preserving and protecting the cultural heritage of Ukraine, developing the capacity of specialized Ukrainian institutions and organizations, as well as synchronizing projects in the direction of digital transformation of cultural heritage and interoperability of platforms .

Among the projects that UNESCO will support:

The digital platform for national heritage management is a platform that will collect, generate, store, and control data and information in the field of cultural heritage, provide access and use and digitize procedures and processes of interaction between subjects and administrative services for users.

After the implementation of the project, Ukrainians will receive:

  • 100% of declared immovable cultural heritage objects;
  • the registry is 100% available for an online integration with E-Construction;
  • the register is 100% accessible to citizens;
  • 100% transparent processes;
  • 100% of administrative services are online;
  • the register is 100% interoperable with other state registers

Movable cultural heritage:

  • connection to the Electronic Register of the Museum Fund of Ukraine of 100% of the country’s museum institutions;
  • filling the list of museum collections by 100%;
  • the ability to follow the movement of the collection within the country and abroad;
  • interoperability of the register with other state registers and international systems;
  • the register is 100% available online for the Police and Interpol;
  • creation of an online museum for citizens of Ukraine.

Among other things, MCIP is actively working on implementing a large number of projects that help spread the truth about the war and crimes of Russians in Ukraine, collect evidence of Russian aggression, and seek support for Ukrainians. You can get acquainted with all the projects of MCIP on the United platform of culture and media during the war.

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