Unique lakes dried up in Odessa region

This year, almost no water enters the estuaries and lakes from outside, the biologist explains.

In the Odessa region’s national natural park, “Tuzly Estuaries”, unique small lakes, named after academician Yuvenaly Zaitsev, dry up catastrophically.

This was announced by the doctor of biological sciences, an employee of the National Natural Park “Tuzly Estuaries” Ivan Rusev on Facebook.

It is known that since February 24, 2022, the invaders have mined and polluted the Black Sea, and killed dolphins with sonars. But against the backdrop of the war, at the end of the summer, the lakes of Academician Yuvenaly Zaitsev also dried up.

“And this is due to the fact that this year almost no water enters the estuaries and lakes from outside. There was also no flow of fresh water through small rivers into the estuaries. In addition, this year, the water level in the Danube River is extremely low over the past decades. Therefore the water in the estuaries of Dzhantsheysky and Maly Sasyk also does not come from the Danube and does not replenish the lakes. And, finally, there is no water exchange at all between the Black Sea and the Tuzly Estuaries,” Rusev explained.

In addition to hostilities, one of the reasons for the lack of water exchange is that the fishermen were not permitted to open the breach.

“Therefore, the fishermen were left without fish, and the evaporation of water from the estuaries against the background of the lack of water exchange has now led to the complete drying of the lakes,” the biologist added.

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