UPG network secured uninterrupted fuel supplies to Ukraine by acquiring a marine terminal in Poland

According to the press office of the filling stations UPG, the UPG group of companies has agreed to acquire the assets of the Polish company Baltchem SA Zakłady Chemiczne. Now the network of filling stations UPG has a powerful marine terminal in the Republic of Poland for the transshipment and storage of petroleum products, allowing the uninterrupted supply of fuel to Ukraine at affordable prices.

The company notes that they have adapted the business to today’s challenges and, in the shortest possible time, established reliable and stable partnerships with such European producers of high-quality petroleum products as Royal Dutch Shell, Total Energies SE, Neste Oyj, Glencore Energy. Accordingly, all types of fuel sold by the UPG national filling station network are supplied from Europe and meet the fifth environmental standard.

The company ensures that even during the war, Ukrainian drivers do not experience a fuel shortage. After all, filling stations are an object of critical infrastructure, on the effective operation of which the functioning of many areas of the country, and often human lives, depends. Today, the UPG network makes every effort to ensure the country’s uninterrupted fuel supply.

By supporting the economy and each other, we bring victory closer.

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