Urban Mobility Shorts – Bicycle culture

During July 19-25, in Odessa, as well as throughout Ukraine, the screening of short films Urban Mobility Shorts will take place. Urban Mobility Shorts is a small journey across the world’s cities that opens a new perspective on the organisation of urban spaces and movement within them. Screening is supported by Intellias.

The selection of films was prepared by the Wiz-Art film agency with the support of the IT-company Intellias. Everyone will be able to watch movies online for free by registering in advance.

The programme includes French, Swiss, German and American films about bicycles and their types, transportation systems and peculiarities of using public transport.

Cities. The new jungles where modern people become themselves. Concrete mazes where individuals form. Each city — a unique organism with transport being the blood in its veins, making it alive, filling it with movement. But what role do we play as cities’ inhabitants? Who do we become and how does our thinking change when we choose one or another way to move around? The new transport revolution is around the corner!

Olha Raiter, curator of Wiz-Art

This show is part of a large project – EcoMobile Summer in Intellias, which the company conducts for the promotion of bicyclу culture in the cities of Ukraine.

All movies can be watched online. Access to movies is free, but registration is required.

All Bodies on Bikes documentary

The approach to using transport is changing. The concepts of Use it, do not own it (UDO) and the so-called shared mobility are gaining more and more popularity, which is based on the need to get from point A to point B, and not the desire to own several vehicles. Therefore, the concept of eco-mobility covers not only transport, but also our behavior, habits and culture. We want more people to think about the topic of eco-mobility, so we invite everyone to join watching films, rethinking the usual and using bicycles more.

Mikhail Puzrakov, Executive Chairman CEO of Intellias

Viewers who watch Urban Mobility Shorts and share their impressions on social networks have the opportunity to win themed bike gifts. Details on the event page

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