US Ambassador to Ukraine visited the mass graves and torture chamber in Bucha

The Chief of the National Police and the US Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Ukraine visited the mass graves of civilians killed by the occupiers and the torture chamber in Bucha.

Some of the Russian servicemen who tortured and killed residents of Bucha and surrounding settlements have already been identified, and several suspicions have been announced. The identities of other occupiers from these units are currently being identified. This was announced by the Head of the National Police, Igor Klimenko today, June 7, during a visit together with the US Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Ukraine Bridget Brink to the crime scene of Russians in Bucha.

Igor Klymenko said that Ukrainian servicemen and special police units, which went to “clean up” the city after the retreat of Russian troops, in the first days found places of mass burial of civilians. The largest number of Russians killed was found in the Church of St. Andrew the Apostle.

“A total of 116 bodies were at the site of this burial, and most are men. Some of the victims had bullet wounds, mine injuries, and some of the bodies burned. A total of 1,137 people died in the Bucha district, 461 people died directly in the city of Bucha,” the National Police Chief said.

Among those killed in the mass grave, police found the body of a murdered policeman who was evacuating civilians from Bucha.

“In general, a lot of people and families who died were shot from tanks or armored personnel carriers. They arranged a “safari”. They saw a partisan in every car, in every civilian,” Ihor Klymenko said.

Another place where Russian occupiers committed mass crimes in Bucha was a children’s camp, where the invaders organized a headquarters and turned it into a torture chamber.

After the aggressors retreated, the bodies of 5 men with obvious signs of violent death and torture were found here, including traces of gunshot wounds to the chest, heart, back and nape. All of them were volunteers, delivering food to the local population.

During the pre-trial investigation, it was established that the killed men had nothing to do with military service, people of industrial professions: a locksmith, a plumber, a private entrepreneur, etc.

“The most important thing is that today we have established units that were located in the district and the city of Bucha: six battalion tactical groups of the landing forces of the Russian Federation and one mechanized brigade. We are now establishing the names of all servicemen. We have already installed the part. 13 suspects have already been prepared: two men – servicemen of the Rosguard, 11 – servicemen of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. 10 projects of suspicion were transferred to the Office of the Prosecutor General,” Ihor Klymenko said.

The meeting participants also visited the most affected areas of the city as a result of the shelling.

Ms. Ambassador Bridget Brink noted that the United States will continue to support the National Police in the process of documenting Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine:

“I am impressed by what I saw and the courage of your people. And I am very pleased to work with the police. You are doing incredible. In addition, I very much appreciate the support you provide to me and my team as the National Police of Ukraine. We will continue to support you. “

The head of the National Police thanked Ms. Brink for the support and assistance provided by the United States to the Ukrainian police.

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