US begins extended training of Ukrainian troops in Germany

On Sunday, January 15, combat training of Ukrainian forces began in Germany with the participation of the US military.

Over the next five to eight weeks, a battalion of about 500 troops will train here, AP writes, citing Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The combined arms exercise aims to improve the preparation of Ukrainian forces to attack or counter any surge of Russian attacks. In particular, the skills of moving and coordinating the actions of units up to the size of a company and a battalion in battle using combined artillery, armored vehicles and ground forces will be honed.

Milley is convinced that comprehensive training, combined with new weapons, artillery, tanks and other vehicles heading for Ukraine, will be the key to enabling Ukrainian defenders to retake the territory captured by Russia.

“This support is really important for Ukraine to be able to defend itself,” Milley said. “And we’re hoping to be able to pull this together here in short order,” Mark Milley said.

On Monday, January 16, Milley plans to visit the Grafenwöhr training ground (Bavaria, Germany), where training takes place. According to him, he wants to ensure that the training is going according to plan and check if anything else is needed. I also intend to ensure that the training matches well with the equipment supply. According to Mark Milley, the promised weapons and equipment should be delivered to Ukraine at a time when the newly trained forces could use them “sometime before the spring rains show up.

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