US intelligence agencies warned Germany about attacks on Nord Stream in the summer

In the summer, US intelligence agencies warned the German federal government about the risk of possible attacks on Nord Stream.

Spiegel writes about this, citing sources.

It is alleged that in the summer, the German government received a report from the US CIA about possible sabotage of Russian pipelines.

Moreover, on Monday, when it became known about a significant drop in pressure in Nord Stream, Berlin suggested that it was a targeted attack.

The German military warned about the danger of attacks on submarine cables even before the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, a source in the Bundeswehr told Spiegel.

In his opinion, the situation with Nord Stream may indicate that “such a threat may have been underestimated.”

Now the German federal government is trying to establish the circumstances of the incident.

In particular, they will pay attention to the suspicious activity of Russian ships in the Baltic Sea, which will be analyzed through satellite images.

Spiegel’s security sources say the attack on Nord Stream could only have been carried out by the state – for example, with the help of submarines or divers.

“They don’t know yet whether Ukraine or Russia could have been involved in the attack. On the one hand, Berlin is not sure that the Ukrainian special services could technically commit such a diversion, and the political consequences would be negative for Kyiv … As for Russia, then it is technically capable of blowing up pipelines at such a depth, but its political interest – with the exception of blaming other parties – remains unclear,” Spiegel commented on the situation.