Veintisiete: Dream of Digital Nomad at Ukrainian-Spanish production

Veintisiete [bei-nti-sieh-teh] is created for young and ambitious people worldwide who lead the digital nomad lifestyle.

They are constantly on the move, have a wide range of interests, and are always ready for an unexpected change of plans. The digital nomad wardrobe should fit in a small suitcase, so it is surprisingly important to put it together correctly: so that all things are comfortable, suitable for different circumstances, easily combined, and at the same time give confidence.

Veintisiete means “27” in Spanish. This is a lucky number for both brand founders — Daria and Edgar. Veintisiete is based in Barcelona, ​​but has partial production in Ukraine, and also supports the Ukrainian creative class that went abroad due to the war.

We design and produce with a clear idea in mind: garments should be comfortable, and complement you in all occasions without compromising on elegance and style. Our goal is to kill the boundaries between looking classy on special occasions and on a daily basis.


In the lookbooks and campaigns, you can see mostly Ukrainian models, and most of the brand’s fans are Ukrainian expats in European countries who want to support and popularize local brands.

The preppy subculture inspires the aesthetics of the brand, but in a format adapted to modern life. Veintisiete does not adhere to seasonality, and releases things in limited drops, each of which contains women’s, men’s and unisex models. This allows you to create a capsule wardrobe that goes beyond white shirts and straight jeans.

Brand items are presented on the official website with free delivery to Ukraine.

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