Venediktova on joint work with Hague Prosecutor General Khan: “This is a good signal”

For example, the Office of the ICC Prosecutor recently joined a joint group dealing with Russian crimes in Ukraine.

As Venediktova said on the air of the United News telethon on April 25, an additional document was signed today – about a joint prosecutorial group with prosecutor Karim Asad Ahmad Khan.

“It is crucial for us to use all possible tools so that we can move quickly. For two weeks, a group of prosecutors from the International Criminal Court was in Ukraine. And for them to realize their potential, and we ours through them, we invited him to join this joint investigative group,” the prosecutor general shared, adding that the group already includes Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine.

Venediktova noted that three states “stand side by side in the Lublin Triangle against the Russian aggressor.”

“If Prosecutor Khan is in the group, this is a good signal for us. In fact, we are doing it on the Eurojust platform, where all EU countries plus ten work as colleagues. For us, this is an important professional thing from the point of view of prosecution.” she added.

A few weeks ago, it will be recalled that the Hague Chief Prosecutor visited Bucha. Karim Asad Ahmad Khan personally came to the Kyiv region to see for himself the consequences of the Russian occupation.

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