Ventilators, patient monitors, aspirators and external fixation devices – humanitarian aid from partners

Poland, France, Japan, Latvia and, definitely, Ukraine are the countries from which medical humanitarian aid arrived this time. Hence, the Ministry of Health received:

• 63 ventilators,

• 24 patient monitors,

• 10 medical suction devices,

• 45 positive pressure apparatuses,

• 88 syringe pumps,

• 22 biochemical analyzers,

• 178 external fixation devices,

• 103 pallets of medicines in the assortment,

• 82 pallets of syringes,

• 496 completed tactical first-aid kits.

“We once again thank our partners for the humanitarian assistance. Medical equipment was transferred, which is very important, especially when it comes to seriously injured civilians from the combat zone or soldiers from the front line,” says Deputy Minister of Health Maria Karchevych.