Vesnyanka: the new collection of the Ukrainian brand LITKOVSKA spring-summer 2023

Photo: Bilder Credit © Finnegan Godenschweger

Ukrainian brand LITKOVSKA presented the new spring-summer 2023 collection during Berlin Fashion Week. The collection called “Vesnyanka” pays tribute to traditional Ukrainian ritual songs and explores the beauty of life at all its stages.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Litkovska has been committed to helping Ukraine financially and artistically, creating charitable projects and championing the work of her fellow Ukrainian designers. For the SS’23 collection, the designer also aimed to combine couture with a bold statement. Several pieces are decorated with an embroidery of a heartbreaking poem called «A Prayer of a Ukrainian Patriot», which was initially written by a political dissident on the walls of his cell in 1930-s.

In terms of visual aesthetics, LITKOVSKA stays true to its refined, arts-inspired chic – an intersection between sophisticated tailoring and daily comfort filled with allusions to traditional Ukrainian costume.


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