Victor Yagun told where combat-ready units of the Russian army can be transferred from the Kherson region

The Russians are currently conducting a rotation, transferring the newly mobilized to the Kherson direction, and they are trying to take the main, combat-ready group with equipment, most likely, to the Zaporizhia direction. This was told to TSN.ua by Major General of the SBU reserve Viktor Yagun.

“For those combat-capable units that were in the Kherson direction, I think there are no more than 10,000 combat-capable people left there, although the group numbered somewhere up to 25,000. Now they are rotating, throwing mobilized people there, and they are trying to take them out, and they are trying to take them out with technology; they don’t always manage to do it, but they try.

If they are transferred, they will be transferred to the Zaporizhzhia direction because now it is clear that the Armed Forces can advance in that direction. It is critical for them, for them it is not so important to hold the Donetsk and Luhansk regions as a land connection with Crimea.” , – noted Yagun.

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