Victor Yahun: Whether there is a threat of a Russian breakthrough

It has been the hottest in the Bakhmut direction in recent days. The enemy takes losses, but continues the attack. In an interview to Unian, military expert Victor Yahun told whether there is a threat of a Russian breakthrough near Bakhmut.

“There is always a threat of a breakthrough, but the situation has stabilized in the Bakhmut direction. We know about it from the people who are right there. They confirm that the aggressor was driven back several kilometers. Realizing that a “head-on” attack was futile, they began detour maneuvers. They are more complex. Perhaps there will be problems because ours are also trying to transfer fighters from one direction to another. Let’s see. Until the enemy does nothing” said Victor Yahun.

The expert also noted how Ukrainian Armed Forces are ready for these new maneuvers of the Russians.

“I think we’re ready. We understand the danger in some areas. But due to the quantitative increase in personnel, the enemy is trying to use the tactics of “cannon fodder” and throw their bodies at certain directions. We can see this in the statistics, where, according to the latest data, 800 people were liquidated; before that there were 600-900. This suggests that the enemy does not spare the personnel and simply throws them into the fire “meat grinder”.”

In addition, Yahun said that the partial mobilization carried out in Russia slows down the pace of the armed forces of Ukraine, but this is worse not for us, but for the enemy, because the number of the enemy destroyed increases significantly

“The positions of the Ukrainian troops are being heavily shelled, but the enemy has recently seen a severe problem with the number of artillery shells,” the expert believes. “This is manifested in the fact that intensive artillery shelling begins and ends abruptly. I understand that they have a limit on the day. These ragged shelling still do not allow the occupiers to make the breakthrough they want. Ukrainian forces are using it. There are a lot of positions in which they have an even worse situation. They have to maneuver these reserves, which simply dispersed along the entire front.”

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