Viennese Fairy Tale in Odessa

On January 13, 15 at 19:00 we invite you to a Christmas, Waltzes, Polkas & Marches by Johann Strauss and the Odessa National Philharmonic Orchestra!

Every year, the chief conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra Hobart Earle and his orchestra give a wonderful festive mood performing Viennese Christmas music. And this year is not an exception!

The programme features “Waltzes, Polkas, Marches” by Johann Strauss – conductor of Viennese court balls, “The King of Waltzes”. The Odessa audience especially loves this constantly updated programme.

Johann Strauss “raised” dance music to symphonic heights, which Gershwin later did with jazz. And it was in Strauss’s work that the Viennese waltz found immortality.

Maestro Earl studied and conducted the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, which he organized, which allowed him to “revive the charm of Strauss’s music” while working with the people of Odessa.

Sunday Times, Western Australia