Viktor Shenderovich: a condition for the overthrow of Putin

There must be an obvious military defeat, Shenderovich noted.

In order for Russian President Vladimir Putin to be removed from power, he must suffer an obvious military defeat.

This opinion was expressed by the Russian writer Viktor Shenderovich.

“Today we are not talking about propaganda, not about the so-called “magic hairs”, today we are talking about removal from power … The country has been completely bewitched for more than 20 years, and it’s already too late to pull out the hairs, you have to take off your head,” he said .

“This half-day hitch with the announcement of mobilization gave rise to a huge amount of speculation. Everyone is waiting for (the removal of Putin from power), it is quite obvious. The main idea is that at some point, these bulldogs are under the carpets of someone. I have no information about this. I believe that this can happen, but for this, there must be an obvious military defeat when Putin’s possibilities for further pressure run out,” the writer added.

Shenderovich also wondered to what extent the Russian officers, in whose hands nuclear weapons are today, are in adequate condition.

“Are there people who are capable of disobeying such an order? This seems to me the most important question.”