Viktor Yagun: Crimea has become a trap for the enemy: the general spoke about the problems of the occupiers

Russia does not have the resources to evacuate troops from Crimea or bring in supplies if the Crimean Bridge is damaged.

The temporarily occupied Crimea has become a trap for the Russian invaders. The enemy did not think of a way to ensure its grouping on the peninsula in the winter in case something happened to the Crimean bridge. As Viktor Yagun explained on the air of Apostrophe TV, this is a huge problem for the Russian occupiers in Crimea.

“They do not have the number of amphibious ships and ferries that can both evacuate troops and supply them with military equipment and ammunition. And this is really a problem not only military, but also diplomatic,” the general emphasized.

According to Yagun, when Ukrainian troops enter Crimea, “we will face a large group that has nothing to defend itself and a large number of civilians who, according to Ukrainian law, have no right to be there.”

“And this will be the subject of negotiations, what we will do with them and where we will send them,” he said.

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