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Main Business — Visa "windows" for Russians


Visa "windows" for Russians

17 Aug, 2022
Visa "windows" for Russians

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Judging by what is happening in Crimea, the Russians will soon lose the desire to go there. However, Europe has already become partially inaccessible, and this is only the beginning. We remind you how the European Union is closing for Russians and where there are still “windows” reports "We Can Explain".

Latvia has not issued tourist visas to Russians since the first day of the war. You can go there only for the funeral of a loved one. President Egil Levits said the authorities should review the already issued visas and residence permits for foreigners who support the war. Today, the ruling coalition has agreed: residence permits issued to Russians will be extended only in rare cases, said Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins.

Lithuania does not let anyone in, except for family members of EU citizens or persons equivalent to them.

From August 18, Estonia closes its borders for Russians who previously received Schengen visas from this country.

The Czech Republic has extended the ban on visas and residence permits for citizens of Russia and Belarus until April 2023. An exception will be made for trips for humanitarian purposes and for visiting family members who are citizens of the European Union.

Finland does not plan to close the country to the Russians, but the authorities have found a way to reduce the influx of tourists. To receive documents for a tourist visa, one working day will be left - Monday. It is assumed that the Finnish authorities will issue half as many "Schengen" as before.

Belgium only issues student visas, research visas and single entry work visa.

Denmark has so far only allowed the introduction of restrictions on the issuance of visas to Russians

Malta is only open to family members of EU and European Economic Area citizens. You can try to get a student or work visa, but not the fact that it will be given.

The Netherlands stopped issuing short-term visas to Russians back in April. However, for humanitarian reasons, they can be allowed into the country.

Slovakia issues visas only when absolutely necessary, as well as for certain types of work.

Poland is about to be added to the list of countries where they do not want to see Russian tourists and Russians in general. The country's authorities "are working on a concept that will allow Russian citizens to be denied visas," a Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

Bulgaria, contrary to the news, continue issuing tourist visas for Russians and visas for property owners, but the deadlines for obtaining them have increased due to "technical reasons". Bulgaria is not included in the Schengen zone, and the visa of this country gives the right to visit only Bulgaria, however, with the "Schengen" of any other country, you can also visit Bulgaria.

Norway. There is no official ban, but the period for consideration of documents has been increased to 45 days.

On August 31, a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Prague is scheduled to discuss the issue of visas for Russians. So far, visa applications continue to be processed by the consulates of Spain, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Norway, Portugal, Finland, Switzerland, France, and Italy.

The Odessa Journal

The Odessa Journal

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