Vitaliy Kim: Russia got into “burial” with anti-ship mines in Ochakiv

The head of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration, Vitaly Kim explained why the blast wave from Ochakovo reached Mykolaiv. In his Telegram channel, he published a video message in which he said that the Russians were in the “burial” with anti-ship mines.

“Next to the military unit, which had been shelled for months, there was a warehouse of old anti-ship mines of the Second World War times. To be honest, they were filled with concrete and made a burial ground so they would not explode because it was dangerous,” says Kim.

And the Russians, according to the head of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration, for some reason decided that this was an ammunition depot and started shooting there:

“And yesterday, two missiles, Kinzhal type, pierced two meters of concrete to blow up mines. The only thing they did was left half the city of Ochakiv without windows and roofs and caused panic in Mykolaiv.”

On January 9, Russia shelled Ochakiv, Mykolaiv region, five times, resulting in more than 200 residential buildings being damaged.

The invaders attacked the coastal strip of the Ochakiv community and the city of Ochakiv. 15 people were injured, including a two-year-old child. Four people were taken to hospitals in Mykolaiv.

The blast also damaged roofs and windows in the Black Sea, Kutsurub and Berezan communities.

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