Vodka Zelensky – Vodka 4 Peace

The Swiss company Drink For Peace has created a premium charity vodka Vodka Zelensky. The company transfers all the profits to public organizations of Ukraine.

Vodka Zelensky, founded by Anastasiia Rosinina, a fashion designer who fled Ukraine, and Swiss entrepreneur and investor Tobias Reichmuth, one of the jury members at the Löwen Höhle Switzerland, is produced in Switzerland and distributed online and soon in supermarkets. A Swiss vodka for Ukraine!

We are entrepreneurs, refugees, and volunteers that want to help. Fast, uncomplicated and at scale. That’s why we dropped everything, rolled up our sleeves and built the most impactful beverage brand in the world.

VODKA 4 PEACE was founded by a group of peace-loving individuals to help Ukraine and Ukrainians. 100% of our profits are donated to support Ukrainians in need and to help to rebuild the country. For immediate help, at least 5 CHF/EUR/GBP per bottle sold are directly donated to selected NGOs in Ukraine. #vodka4peace is a campaign to bring awareness and collect funds to help rebuilding Ukraine.

It is a new premium vodka brand, solely launched to provide support and uncomplicated assistance to war-ravaged Ukrainians. The vodka is initially produced in premium quality in Switzerland; other countries will follow shortly. Vodka Zelensky undertakes to disclose the audited annual reports in order to be able to trace the use of the donations transparently and will use 100% of the company’s profits for aid projects in Ukraine until at least 2026.

#vodka4peace is a campaign started by VODKA 4 PEACE with the goal to support people suffering from war and fostering peace. On the #vodka4peace platform, people living in war zones can show where help is needed the most and what charities should be supported. The platform is currently being set up and we invite all other beverage companies around the world to support #vodka4peace.

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