Volodymyr Zelensky’s hologram turned to the technical sector of Europe for support

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has appeared at several major European technology conferences with the help of holographic translation. He called on the sector to support and invest in rebuilding Ukraine after the war that is ravaging it, offering access to the country’s best technological minds and services.

With the help of 3D technology, Zelensky addressed the conference delegates with a request to support him and his vision of technologically developed Ukraine after the war.

“We live in a time of super opportunities. It is no longer science fiction that artificial intelligence is as smart as humans. It is not just in the news, this is a reality,” he said, before referencing Star Wars and the use of data and technology to help “defeat the Empire.” He also highlighted his belief that technology could also help break down bureaucracy between governments and citizens.

“Now, we offer the world’s leading tech companies our land’s list … the digital land list can become a key contributor in the victory of democracy against an Empire that hates everything modern. It’s Ukraine—and right now we can release the most advanced technologies to help people and protect institutions during this war”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addresses global tech innovators in 3D volumetric video, produced with Evercoast’s industry-leading, portable, volumetric capture technology. (Photo: Business Wire)

“It is unusual for presidents or heads of government to use the hologram to address people, but this is not the only aspect of Star Wars that we use in practice. We will also defeat the empire,” he promised.

Wearing a T-shirt with the image of futuristic fighters and the inscription “Go to the dark side”, Zelensky also called on countries to support the land lease programme.

“No other country in the world will offer you such an opportunity to use advanced technologies at the state level,” he said.

The 3D message was broadcast simultaneously to technology conferences across Europe: Brilliant Minds in Stockholm, The Next Web in Amsterdam, Viva Tech in Paris, Super Return in Berlin, London Tech Week, AI Summit, Dublin Tech Summit and Founder’s Forum in England.

He also revealed an upcoming summit to discuss the future plan for Ukraine, which would take place in the coming weeks, and spoke about the launch of the “Digital For Freedom” initiative—which will allow “everyone to contribute to the development of the digital infrastructure the way you like, building new history, together. Building the new Ukraine together freely, brave and digitally,” he concluded.

Viva Tech founder Maurice Levy told Adweek that he sees President Zelensky as an “outstanding leader”, comparing his ability to inspire by communicating with historical figures such as Charles de Gaulle, Winston Churchill and Magathma Gandhi.

Levy added that the technology sector was able to support Zelensky in his mission by offering support and work to the Ukrainian people, while “helping to think about future solutions and offering creative solutions” and “investing heavily in Ukraine” to help rebuild the country after the war.

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