“Wagner” massively recruits prisoners suffering from HIV and hepatitis

The Russian PMC “Wagner” began mass recruiting prisoners of Russian prisons suffering from serious infectious diseases, including HIV and hepatitis C.

Russians mark such sick “fighters” with appropriate bracelets on their hands.

The phenomenon has already acquired a mass character. For example, from only one correctional colony No. 5 in the village of Metalostroy, Leningrad region, more than a hundred prisoners with confirmed HIV or hepatitis C were “mobilized” to PMC “Wagner”. In order to “mark” infected militants, the command of “Wagners” forces them to wear red bracelets on the arm in case of HIV, and white bracelets – in case of hepatitis.

Among other militants who are forced to serve alongside the infected, indignation at this situation is growing. It is known that Russian doctors systematically refuse to assist the wounded with hepatitis or HIV.

In Ukraine, captured militants with HIV and hepatitis have already been found, which confirms the information about mass “recruitment” of infected prisoners to PMC “Wagner”.

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