Walk On (Ukraine): U2 released a new album in which there is a song dedicated to Ukraine

Photo: U2 Kurt Iswarienko/Courtesy of the artist

The song of 2000 received a new fragment of words and a dedication to Ukraine. Last year, the group performed it in the Kyiv metro.

The Irish rock band U2 re-recorded 40 of their songs for the new album “Songs of Surrender”. The song “Walk On” (2000) received a new version of the title and one of the verses, Liga.Life writes.

The band dedicated the song “Walk On”, created in 2000, to Ukraine in April 2022. Then the musicians published a special song on their YouTube channel.

In May 2022, U2 performed a song in the Kyiv metro as part of the second international charity telethon in support of Ukraine.

Now, in March 2023, the musicians included an updated version of the song dedicated to Ukraine in the new album “Songs of Surrender”.

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