Warning from Poland: leak in the Druzhba pipeline that brings crude oil to Germany

Polish authorities are investigating a leak in an underground pipeline that supplies oil from Russia to Western Europe.

The management company, PERN, said it had detected a leak in the Druzhba pipeline, about 70 kilometers from the Polish city of Plock.

The cause of the break is not yet known.

The news came as EU ministers in the Czech Republic discussed the energy challenges arising from the war in Ukraine.

The pipeline is the main route through which Russian crude oil arrives in Germany.

We are analyzing the situation right now – he says – I can confirm that the leak is located a few tens of kilometers from Plock. All services are on site. , including firefighters and security teams, and we are investigating the causes.

Adam Guibourgé-Czetwertyński, Undersecretary of the Polish Ministry of Climate

Last year, Russia accounted for around 35% of crude oil supplies to Germany.

But Germany and the other EU countries have sought other sources of supply in line with the sanctions against Moscow for the invasion of Ukraine.

Because the Druzhba pipeline was spared the EU ban on Russian oil.

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