Warning: Harley Schlanger Pseudo-expert

Source: Center for Countering Disinformation

An analyst Harley Schlanger in an English-language news segment, promotes narrative that Ukrainian authorities allowed US and NATO to kill Ukrainians

The information was broadcast on May 31 on the Iranian international TV channel PressTV, where Harley Schlanger and political commentator Fred Weir promoted Russia’s thesis that sanctions against Russia would lead to the destruction of all Western countries.

Talking about the supply of weapons to Ukraine by the Allies, the German analyst concluded that the Ukrainian authorities allow killing their own population by agreeing to continue the war

Broadcasters have repeatedly stressed that Ukraine needs to negotiate with the Kremlin, as the two countries are now confident of victory.

These statements are manipulation! Kremlin Western experts, considering the defeat of the Russian army at the front, are now trying to persuade Ukraine to negotiate on favorable terms for the russia

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